Monday, November 28, 2011

'Tis the season...for Christmas cards

Joe and I are back home from a fun and full Thanksgiving weekend with my side of the family. The time went all too quickly, as it always does, but we're again reminded just how blessed we are with the family God has given us. Each one of them is so special! Hopefully I'll have a chance to share more details and photos from our time later on.

On our drive home last night we had fun talking about how we'll be decorating for Christmas this year - extra fun, with an all-new home to make pretty and festive. :) We'll also need to be getting our year-end letter written up and cards mailed out. It's been quite a year for us and trying to decide how to summarize all that has happened will be an interesting challenge.

Speaking of cards (awkward transition alert :cough: )...TinyPrints is quickly becoming one of my favorite card-printing websites. Over the past year they've had several promos for free cards as well as some incredible sales, and I've been thrilled with the printing quality each time I've placed an order. Their designs are beautiful and very high-quality - and as a perfectionistic designer myself, this is a compliment Idon't give lightly. The designs are actually so good that just browsing through the gallery is great inspiration for me as a designer. Check out their great Christmas card selection here if you don't believe me! ;)

Each TinyPrints card I've ordered has been very easy to customize with photos and text. I've had a grand time making some really fun cards for Joe, incorporating inside jokes and silly photos. And with prices this cheap, I can't understand why anyone ever buys ordinary, boring, non-personalized cards that are available in stores. Seriously! I sure don't. Short of having time to create custom-made cards by hand - something I and precious few others seem to have time for these days - TinyPrints cards are the perfect solution for any occasion.

And yes, another reason I like TinyPrints is the deals they have for bloggers, like the one I'm participating in now. Free cards for writing up an honest review about a site I'm already a big fan of? Count me in! :) The hardest part will be choosing which card(s) to order.

So tell me: which one(s) would you choose?

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