Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GreaThings 2011: Answered prayers and miracles

GreaThings 2011

Today I am thankful for...
Answered prayers and miracles

Wow, where do I even start? We have seen God answer so many, many prayers over this past year: some of them as "small" as granting us restful sleep or a productive night's work, and others much larger.

Our biggest, ongoing prayer request this year was in regards to Joe's job. Ten months of uncertainty and stress also included one answered prayer after another. Joe was able to pass a number of tests, he received much help and sympathy from his supervisor and coworkers, and through it all we both experienced a great degree of peace, a peace that made no sense from a human perspective. And then, in His characteristically unique and faith-testing way, He brought along a new job at the very last minute. The way everything fell into place when the time was right left us without a single doubt that it was of His doing - and a very direct answer to the prayers of many who were lifting us up.

Even since moving here to Des Moines we have seen many clear answers to prayer. God has given us peace and wisdom in one very stressful situation in particular, bringing about joyous victory. He has brought us to a church fellowship, the first we attended here since moving, which has already been a blessing and encouragement. We have seen His fingerprints in a million tiny ways each day, and we are unspeakably grateful.

We are trying to keep a written record of these answered prayers and miracles in a special journal, knowing the importance of remembering all God has done. We are human and so quick to forget...yet He keeps pouring the blessings on in abundance. What an incredible Father!

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