Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Reading List

I was able to make reading a higher priority again through 2017, even if it consisted of only reading a few pages or chapters late at night after everyone else was in bed. It has been SO fun to have it as part of my life again, and I'm pretty tickled to have made it through a grand total of 26 books this year. Yay! 

Here's my list, including affiliate links to Amazon. I won't take time to write summaries of each title here, but am glad to share my thoughts on specific titles if anyone has questions. Not pictured are the dozens of children's books that I read (and reread, and reread) through the year. ;) 


This is my favorite genre, so I spent most of my time here and found some real gems. Not all are written from a Christian perspective, but I found each to be very thought-provoking and I learned a lot. Some include crude language or some more graphic details so I wouldn't recommend them for younger readers.

Christian non-fiction

This is another favorite genre of mine. As always, I didn't agree with everything in each of these books - in some cases I had strong disagreements. But I also found some true encouragement and inspiration in this stack of books. Surprised By Motherhood is probably my top favorite book this year, if I had to choose just one - it's super good.


I just don't have much time for fiction these days, and generally prefer non-fiction anyway. But I did finish up two fiction titles this year, both books that I started several years ago and wanted to get off my half-read stack. :)

Miscellaneous non-fiction

Not too many in this category this year, either, but these were all interesting titles.

Have YOU read any of these titles? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Here's to a new year full of books! I'm looking forward to seeing where my reading adventures take me in 2018. My goal is to get through at least 24 books - hopefully more. :)

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