Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, what should I write about? Things so great...*

Well, now. We really had intended to have this blog be about more than just our book reviews (though we like those, too). My problem is, I can't quite seem to decide what sort of focus I want to take for my posts. There are so many things I could write about: homemaking, couponing, my design work, daily life rambles, newlywed lessons and blessings, things God is teaching me lately, DIY/home decor projects, memories from our wedding prep (including frugal ideas) and pictures/memories of the big day itself, our journey towards paying off a 6-figure debt load, and well - the list could go on. But time is limited in this stage of my life, and many of the post ideas that form in my mind sadly never make it past my fingertips.

I've been out of the public blogging mode for so long that it's extra hard to know where to start. I'm starting to think the best plan of action will be to just take a random approach, writing whatever is on my mind at the time, not worrying about an over-arching focus for the blog. Maybe it'll end up going somewhere more specific, maybe not...but hopefully it'll be a fun ride and also a blessing to someone.

Meanwhile, if there's anything specific that you'd like to see me write about, please speak up! And yes, I'm talking to you reading this post - all three of you. ;) I'm sure Joe would welcome any specific post ideas, too. So please do chime in! We'll see what comes of this. :)

*Kudos to anyone who recognizes the adapted lyrics used in the post title. I have a feeling it's something only my sisters would pick up on... ;)


  1. I'm now following you through igoogle! :)

  2. Random is awesome. Whatever is on your mind would be great! :-)

  3. I must be the third person who reads this *G*

  4. LOL - apparently so, Heather. ;) Though I know quite a few more people are reading and just not commenting. Time to speak up, lurkers! :D